Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11, 2013
Friday, funky Friday, so let's get it on. Double your pleasure, double your fun by doubling your strings.
Many non-guitarists believe that playing a 12-string guitar must be twice as hard as playing a regular guitar but the truth is, if you have the ability to play 6 strings you can play 12 strings. 
The 12-string guitar lends itself to different voicings not possible on a 6 string due to its octave pairing and its sound is often described as "bell like" with guitarist like Paul Simon (For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her) and John Denver (Annie's Song) using the 12-string to write great songs that put the doubled voicing to use.
Many of the old blues masters played big old Stella 12-strings for their powerful punch and funky sound.

Leadbelly playing a Stella 12-string guitar

Today we feature blues great Stevie Ray Vaughan who put aside his Fender Stratocaster in favor of a Guild 12-string to play on MTv Unplugged.

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