Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 20, 2013
Sometimes all it takes is a great song,a well strummed acoustic guitar, some vocals, good harmonies and maybe a saxophone to get you tapping through your day.

Today we have Roger Hodgson of Supertramp playing a big ole Guild 12 string strumming his hit Give A Little Bit. When I first heard this song, for some reason, I thought it was Peter Frampton!

Timothy B. Schmit was with Poco when he originally did this song. He's since moved on to a lesser known group called Eagles. Somehow Ringo Starr picked him up for a season and along with a few friends like Todd Rundgren, Joe Walsh, Burton Cummings, Nils Lofgren and a few others, he sings his hit Keep On Tryin'.

Basic acoustic, great music.

Keep it Acoustic...


  1. I totally enjoyed this post! I thought that was Frampton as well. After all these years I can only imagine how good Poco would have been if Timothy had stuck around.

  2. Here's one I found today that I really like...

  3. I guess I need to listen more to Steve Earle.

    1. I've never been a fan although you know who is. But I really liked the guitar playing and the song.