Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 27, 2013

David Wilcox has been around for a long time and even though he hasn't had a major chart hit he is well know among guitarist as a gifted player who like to play in odd altered tunings. 

David is a great songwriter also and some of my favorites are Last Chance Waltz, Eye of the Hurricane, Leave It Like It Is and Rusty Old American Dream.  One song which resonates with me personally is Show The Way. After losing my son Aaron in 2005 there was one song that played repeatedly on my car stereo, Jackson Browne's Too Many Angels. I was saddened, hurt, pissed and didn't particularly want to hear any feel good songs and Too Many Angels became my soundtrack for depression.  After about 3 months I somehow came across David's song Show The Way and it quickly replaced Too Many Angels and became my new soundtrack for my recovery. 

Show the Way

You say you see no hope, you say you see no reason
We should dream that the world would ever change
You're saying love is foolish to believe
'Cause there'll always be some crazy with an Army or a knife
To wake you from your day dream, put the fear back in your life

Look, if someone wrote a play just to glorify
What's stronger than hate, would they not arrange the stage
To look as if the hero came too late, he's almost in defeat
It's looking like the Evil side will win, so on the Edge 
Of every seat, from the moment that the whole thing begins
It is....

Love that mixed the mortar
And it's love who stacked these stones
And it's love who made the stage here
Although it looks like we're alone
In this scene set in shadows
Like the night is here to stay
There is evil cast around us
But it's love that wrote this play...
For in this darkness love can show the way

So now the stage is set.  You feel your own heart beating
In your chest.  This life's not over yet.
So we get up on our feet and do our best.  We play against the Fear.  
We play against the reasons not to try
We're playing for the tears burning in the happy angel's eyes
For its....


It's a beautiful song with the guitar tuned C-G-C-G-C-E.  So simple yet complex to get all the nuances that David does so well. David remains one of my favorite singer-songwriters/guitarists and I remain thankful for his music and this song to this day.

Keep it Acoustic...

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