Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013
For years guitarists have looked at ways to make their guitars not sound like guitars. To imagine what, to the guitar purist of the 1930's, what the sound of the electric guitar must have sounded like!

Buttons, switches, sliders, pedals. pulleys and all kinds of contraptions have been added to the guitar with varying degrees of success though rarely as a permanent feature.

And what about the players? Few become household names but among guitar enthusiasts their following can be quite large. One of the more talented guitarists of this ilk is Adrian Legg, a guitarist from London who's string bending and banjo peg (Scruggs peg) de-tuning style allows for a pedal steel guitar effect, is in a league all his own.

For those people living in the Colorado Springs area, Mr. Legg will be in concert at Stargazer's Theatre ( ) on March 10th. Tickets are a measly $15 when ordered in advance. Cheap fare for a world class guitarist.

Keep it acoustic...

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  1. For the 11th "follower" to my blog I will gift them with a copy of Joni Mitchell's "Blue" cd. As mentioned in my Joni Mitchell post, it's one of my favorites. Why #11 as opposed to ten? I'm already in the mix so number 10 would really be number 9... make sense?