Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 24, 2013
First I want to say hello to my newest follower, Darrell Jennings. Glad to have you on board! And thank you Bob Harris at Acoustic Guitar Videos who gave me a shout out on his  great site.  I'll post some on AGV once I figure out how!?!

In 1997 I got to watch, along with hundreds of other attendees as Todd Hallawell took first place in the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championships in Winfield, Kansas.  Now I don't claim to know too much about Todd personally but one thing is quite evident as a guitarist; Todd is one of the cleanest pickers I've ever heard.  Todd has three cd's out and if you love finger style guitar I think you'll love Todd's playing. His third cd "Ear Candy" is a great duet album with flat picker Robin Kessinger.

Here is Todd performing his original Leola Kay.

Keep it Acoustic...

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