Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 9, 2013

First off I'd like to thank my brother Howard for helping me get this blog started. Howard is a fisherman and has a great blog for fly fishing called
Wind Knots & Tangled Lines and I'm sure later today or tomorrow he'll help me link our pages together. He has become my first follower so if you look at his stats you'll see the link. He along time ago suggested with my love of music I should do some sort of music blog. Well, on to todays lesson.

Most children when learning an instrument will play a smaller "child's" instrument. In the case of guitars it's usually a 3/4 size or smaller.
These Korean kids are playing full sized guitars and if you watch carefully when they barr their chords they are playing full chords with their tiny hands.
Most of the YouTube comments on these kids make it seem like what they are doing is an abomination, akin to child beauty pageant. What I see are a group of highly trained children giving a guitar recital and if it happens to bring their family an extra bowl of rice to put on the table, good for them.
You be the judge.

Keep it acoustic...

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  1. Very talented kids...

    ..but I *do* wonder the motivation and methods behind the training. We have all heard horror stories of N. Korea and as much as I hope this is not one of those, the possibility does exist.

    1. Sure does. It is frightening to think of these kids, dressed in military greens, goose-stepping with rifle in hand through some Korean square.

  2. ...with guitars slung over their shoulders.