Friday, February 15, 2013

February 15, 2013
It's Friday and I'm back. I hate when works gets in the way of everything else I'd rather be doing.
There are a few guitarists that I'd like to bring forward that I really like.  The first is Mr. Pat Donohue of A Prairie Home Companion fame.  Is parodies are unequaled, his songwriting is superb and his blues guitar playing is just downright good.

I had the good fortune in 2002 to have Pat try out my guitar at our camp in Winfield, Kansas at the Walnut Valley Festival.  Here Pat sings his Parody of Willie Nelson's tune Crazy.

But wait, there's more (as Ron Popeil would say)!  A few years back I was given a cd of some music written and played by Doug McClain.  Great stuff but for the life of me I couldn't find any of Doug's recordings. I searched and searched and the only thing that I knew about him was that he was from England and played Celtic style guitar.  Not so!  It turned out he was from Scotland and his name was Dougie (pronounced Doogie) MacLean

I wanted to hear Dougie but understood that he primarily toured the British Isles and when he did tour the states it was usually the east side of the country.  So in 2011 when I saw he was going to appear in Denver, I made the 120 mile trip to see him in a small church with an audience of maybe 300 or so people.  A concert well worth the trip and my $20 or so dollars.  It was hard to understand him at times because my English got in the way but he was funny and gave a great performance. Here's Dougie playing one of my favorites Ready For The Storm.

Herb Pedersen is primarily known as a banjo player, singer and songwriter.  Also a gifted guitar player he has toured with The Desert Rose Band, Chris Hillman and a number of other country/bluegrass groups.  This is a pretty good version of Wait A Minute that he does with Chris & band.  It's just a great tune.

Keep it Acoustic...

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